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Flame of candles is the coziest thing that could be invented and my home is always warm and lighted up by it. It comforts me when my cat is purring on my laps and when something delicious is cooking in the oven. I like when there is an interesting book and moon light, when it’s raining or snowing outside and i sit by the window with a cup of tea. I’m a victim of comfort but someone is missing in this picture… That person is who i came to find on this site.

What I am looking for

Everyone is searching for different things but at the end all we need is that one meeting that will bring that wind of change and end the search. Sooner or later that meeting will happen but i don't want to be 90 years old before i get to meet that special person and by then have just little time to spend with them. I believe Birthdays and New Year are the most magical periods of one's life when wishes and dreams come true, I always make wishes on these two days and believe it will happen but this year i have decided to help fate rather than put everything on its shoulders, Moreover it has the whole world on its shoulder already and i don't like waiting or standing in a queue waiting for my turn. Why should i wait when there is someone for me out there. I am ready to accept what is mine and if by any chance i find it here then getting on this site would be totally worth it.